Compost Cab

Home Pickup

Space constraints and urban density are a killer for composting at home. Of course it CAN be done. The problem is most people DON’T. And worse, WON’T.

Traditional compost piles can be maintained in many locations, but are beyond the time and space commitment of most people. Compost tumblers only work for people with houses who are willing to overlook the odor, manage runoff and leakage, and battle rodents and insects. As for apartment dwellers, electric composting units or worm bins are out there. But the fancy indoor units require a significant up-front investment (and can still smell). And keeping live worms at home still appeals to only the hardest of the hard-core. We get it: there are plenty of good reasons not to compost. But not anymore.

Compost Cab is easy

Compost Cab was born of personal demand. We asked ourselves: “What would a composting solution have to look like for us to participate?” It needed to be leak-proof, rat-proof, and odor-free. It needed to be nearly effortless, as simple and intuitive as taking out the trash. It needed to be useful – we wanted the compost for our garden. And it needed to be reasonably priced, without a significant up-front cost. We went from there, and developed a service that makes it easy to be green.

Two minutes to a more sustainable home

Sign up here! We’ll deliver our customized composting kit to your door, including a collection bin, a compostable liner, and our Local Composting Made Easy guide for your fridge! You fill the bin with your organic material, and once a week, on a reliable, fuel-efficient schedule, Compost Cab picks up the bag, leaving behind only a clean bin with a new liner. We charge less than $8 per week per bin for our service. No invoicing or annoying paperwork – we’ll just ping your debit or credit card for $32 each month. And no long-term commitments. You can stop your service at any time, though we don’t think you’ll want to. It’s that simple.

A unique soil-exchange program

The compost we create from your organics makes for pretty special soil. It’s beautiful, fertile, and all natural. And some of it can be yours! Here’s how it works: Compost Cab makes soil deliveries in the spring and fall. Once you’ve been a subscriber for a least six months, you’ll be eligible to receive soil, roughly in proportion to how much you’ve composted with us. The average Compost Cab subscriber earns about 50 pounds of finished compost per year. Of course, if you don’t want or need this amazing soil and natural fertilizer, we’re always happy to donate it on your behalf to one of our local, not-for-profit urban farm partners, who will then use it to grow more food for our community.

So what’s in it for you?

Cleaner air. Less waste. A smaller carbon footprint. A greener home. A stronger community. Incredible new soil. Isn’t composting awesome? Get started now.