Compost Cab


How do I sign up?

We try to make it as easy as possible. Frankly, there are SIGN UP buttons all over this site. Start by clicking the “Sign Up” button anywhere you see it.  Thirty seconds later, after entering a few basics (zip, email, and password), your Compost Cab account will be created.  Then all you need to do is fill out your payment and service information and you’ll be ready to roll.

Wait a second… I pay you?

That’s correct. The flippant answer is that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Actually, that’s kind of the non-flippant answer, too. We provide a service that people have proven willing to pay for. Yes, we know that there are municipal composting programs out there that are “free” (if you discount those pesky taxes!). And we fully expect that there will be more and more of them over time. In fact, we look forward to helping facilitate municipal composting’s growth in the years to come. But ours is a private sector solution to a simple problem: people want to compost, and they want it to be as easy as possible. For less than $8 per week, we make that happen.

What if I don’t live in your service area?

Drat! So sorry about that. We’re working hard to bring Compost Cab to cities and towns everywhere. In fact, we’re basing our expansion plans largely on the demand we see from prospective markets. So if you want to see us in your neighborhood, please take the time to sign up so we can register your zip code and let you know when we’re ready to launch in your town!

 What will my pickup day be?

Your pickup day is determined by where you live in relation to our existing routes. Of course, we aim to make our routes as efficient as possible, so you’ll be slotted in on whichever day we’re already nearest you.

How is my payment processed?

After two years of frustration using PayPal as our secure payments provider, we’ve recently moved to a subscriptions specialist called Recurly. Once you create your Compost Cab account and enter your payment and service information, you will be assigned your pickup day, at which point your card will be charged for the first time. We will then automatically ping your card each month until you tell us not to.

How do I edit my payment information?

You can access and edit your payment information through your subscriber dashboard.

 How do I edit my service information?

You can access and edit your service information through your subscriber dashboard.

 How do I decide on bin location?

When deciding on a bin location, choose a place that is safe and easily accessible for both you and our drivers.  While our experience indicates that a front porch or stoop is best, no one knows your home like you do.  Additionally, if you live in an apartment or condo, you might want to ask the building manager for his or her thoughts. Generally, you do not want your bin to be placed adjacent to trash and recycling, as this occasionally leads to accidental bin disappearance, which everybody loathes.

I’m interested in Compost Cab for my business, what are my options?

We work with a wide variety of businesses.  From coffee shops to non-profits to hotels and government agencies, composting is for everyone.  More here.

I’m already a subscriber and I need something, and I don’t see a way to ask for it in my dashboard. What do I do?

Whatever it is, feel free to email us at  Whether you need a compostable bag, rubber band, new bin, or have a question about your service, we are happy to help.

I don’t need a pick up this week, how do I let you know?

You can request a skip through your customer dashboard.  Simply indicate the range of dates you would like us to skip pick up and we will — our driver, and the environment, appreciate it.

How does a skip affect my monthly payment?

It doesn’t.  We do not offer refunds for skipped weeks. If you are going to be out of town for an extended period of time—a month or more—you can temporarily suspend your service, and we will suspend your automated payments until you return.

Can you pick up every other week or once a month?

While we understand why you might be interested in bi-weekly or monthly pick up, we do not offer that service.  We have found that the longer organic waste sits in an anaerobic environment, the worse it is for everyone.  Messy bins, rotten food, and strange odors…no one’s happy.

What happens if my bin is stolen?

If your bin goes missing (due to theft, or bad luck, or whatever), let us know and we’ll do our best to replace it on your next scheduled pickup day. We’ll replace a bin once free of charge. Unfortunately, if it goes missing again, we’ll need to charge you $15 for each replacement bin. Thanks for understanding.

Can I change my pick up day?

Sorry, but no.  Pick up days are determined by your location in relation to other subscribers routes. That said, if you email us, and we’re able to accommodate you, we’ll certainly try. Please note that your pickup day may change if you change pickup addresses.

What happens if I move?

Congratulations on your new place and don’t worry, your compost can travel with you.  All you have to do is log in and edit your service information.  Please know that your pick up day may change depending on your new address.

Do you offer drop off points?

Yes, we do.  Most of the year (April-November), you can catch us at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market every Sunday. During the winter (December-March), we are at the Dupont Market every other Sunday.  Our stand is located on 20th Street near Massachusetts Avenue NW on the south side of the market. We charge $2 per dropoff for a “reasonable amount” of material.

I want to work with or for Compost Cab, are there opportunities?

That’s great news!  We are a small business and can almost always use the help.  If you are interested in employment, internship, or volunteer opportunities with Compost Cab, please email us at

I want to offer volunteer opportunities to my employees, can you help with that?

Yes! We would be more than happy to help coordinate volunteer opportunities with one or more of our partner farms.

I compost at home, can you help me?

Not quite yet. We’re in the process of creating a DIY Composting at Home resource guide, which we’ll post here, but it’s still in production. In the meantime, this is a pretty good place to start.

How does soil distribution work?

Compost Cab makes soil deliveries in the spring and fall. Once you’ve been a subscriber for at least six months, you’ll be eligible to receive soil, roughly in proportion to how much you’ve composted with us. The average Compost Cab subscriber earns about 50 pounds of finished compost per year. Of course, if you don’t want or need this amazing soil and natural fertilizer, we’re always happy to donate it on your behalf to one of our local, not-for-profit urban farm partners, who will then use it to grow more food for our community.

How do I cancel service?

Please don’t go! We’ll eat you up we love you so! Seriously. We always hate to see a composter go, and if there’s anything we might have done differently to make you want to stick around, we hope you’ll give us the chance to make it right. But if you are determined to cancel, you can do so through the subscriber dashboard.  Please note that we do not offer refunds for partial months of service and we cannot process your cancellation and close out your automated payments until we collect your bin.