Compost Cab


A straightforward, simple solution

Maybe you’re just looking for a cost-effective way to make your business a little bit greener. Or maybe you only serve local, seasonal ingredients and pour fair-trade coffee, and already know you want to compost. Either way, Compost Cab can help.
Redefine what you think of as waste in your business. Improve your green profile. Save money. Give back to the community. Improve the environment. And tap into the innovative marketing programs and community-building initiatives we make available to our commercial customers.

Compost Cab is here to make it easy for your business or organization to be more sustainable. And we aim to provide the kind of service your rave about.

Sustainability, with respect for your time and money

Simply put, we work together to make composting work for you, because when it works for you, everybody wins:

Compost Cab can integrate with just about any existing maintenance and waste management infrastructure to easily and cost-effectively make your entire organization more sustainable.

Compost Cab aims to seamlessly make composting a natural part of life in your workplace.

Ready to take your business or organization to the next level of sustainability? Sign up here to get the ball rolling.