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Small Business Owners’ Holiday Wish List

We got an email from a reporter at The Washington Post late last week asking if we’d contribute to this story that they ran:

Dear Washington: Small business owners’ holiday wish list

For space reasons, they chose not to include our entry. But we wrote it, and we mean it, so we thought we’d share it here.

“For starters, let’s dispel the myth that entrepreneurs and small business owners are sitting at their desks panicking about changes in the top tax rate. We’re not. And anyone who is is misguided, because the notion that increases in the marginal tax rate are make-or-break for small businesses is absurd. No self-respecting entrepreneur is going to stunt their own growth or curtail hiring or place a limit on profitability because it might push them into a higher tax bracket. Let’s get past this noise and focus on what really matters.

How can government best help entrepreneurs and small business? Help us reduce friction. That’s my wish for 2013. Starting and growing a business is hard. Government can make it just a little bit easier. Less red tape. More clearly-written, easy-to-comply-with regulations. Quicker methods of paying taxes, obtaining licenses, etc. Save me time, make it easier for me to build my business, and I will be eternally grateful. And to be clear, this isn’t just for Congress or the federal government. State and local governments need to get with the program, too.”