Compost Cab

We’re on the Cover of today’s Washington Post Food Section

Smarter Food: Scrappy’s the best way to fight waste

Thanks to Jane Black for using her monthly column in the Washington Post to tell our story.

It’s always nice to be recognized in the press, of course. For good things, at least. But the thing we’re most excited about today, the thing that’s most meaningful about this coverage, is that it appeared on the cover of the Washington Post‘s Food section. Not the business section (though we think we have a pretty compelling story to tell). Not the environmental blog (though we’re obviously proud of our positive impact on the environment). The FOOD section. Which, of course, is where we think it belongs.

Composting is not just about waste reduction. It’s about food production. It’s kind of a mantra around here. The story in today’s paper may be about Compost Cab, but we’re really just a hook. The story is really about changing the way we think about local food systems, and building more just, equitable, sustainable alternatives. So if you haven’t done so already, please take the time to share our story. Every time it gets picked up in the press or tweeted or blogged or facebooked or whatever, it’s another small step in pursuing real change.