Growing local food from compost.

At Home

Step 1 – Become a Member.

  • Start with inputting your zip code on, then follow the signup instructions.
  • Shortly after, you’ll receive confirmation email with all the details you need to get started.

Step 2 – We’ll deliver your bin.

  • Along with an instruction card, liners, & a large rubber band. All the tools you need for success!

Step 3 – Fill it with your food scraps, then place your bin out each week for pickup.

  • Your Cabbie will come by once a week to pick up your compost scraps.
  • You will be left with a nice, clean bin. Right where you left it.
  • You can always skip a pickup if you’ll be out of town.


Latest News

Follow That Pumpkin…
POSTED ON: December 13, 2016
Thanks to you, we recovered nearly half a ton! So that happened. Pumpkins for the People 2016 was a resounding success thanks to our awesome members! Together we rescued more than 800 pounds of pumpkins this post-Halloween season. Thanks to our members, and our friends at Freshfarm, Martha’s Table, Maryland Food Bank, Miriam’s...
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Pumpkins for the People 2016!
POSTED ON: November 1, 2016
BOO! Belated Happy Halloween! Did we scare you? No? Well, fine. But you know what scares us? Wasted food, of course. So now that the trick-or-treating is done, what happens to all those pumpkins? For the fourth year in a row, Compost Cab is proud to partner with organizations across...
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What are worm castings and how do I use them?
POSTED ON: October 24, 2016
The (not-so) secret power of worm castings Compost Cab members have the unique opportunity to get finished compost and worm castings delivered to their door as part of our innovative soil give-back program. Our lucky members are happy to use the local, organic compost as a soil amendment in their garden beds. Members...
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