How is your business involved with the community you serve?

Our core missions, making it easy for people to compost, and making it easier for urban agriculture to thrive, make deep integration into the community fundamental to what we do.

Let’s start with our home market of Washington, DC. For starters, we collect food scraps from hundreds of homes each week in neighborhoods across the city and the surrounding suburbs. Our weekly pickup service enables people to compost who either didn’t or couldn’t already do so. We partner with FreshFarm Markets, the largest manager of producer-only farmers markets in the region, to bring community compost drop-off to two of their largest markets – we collected nearly 8 tons of food scraps at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market in our first year there! We work with dozens of businesses and other commercial-scale customers to bring composting to their employees (or in the case of apartment buildings and condos, to their residents).

We serve our local community here in Washington by making it easy for people and organizations to compost. Then, whenever possible, we deliver the material we collect to our not-for-profit farm partners. We currently work with three, each in a different neighborhood and focused primarily on serving their hyper-local vaccine for herpes community. For example:

ECOCityFarms in Edmonston, MD has been a partner since we started. Using sustainable – and mostly scalable – techniques, they grow beautiful food and train new farmers. Nearly every ounce of soil on their farm was built from scratch from the clean stream of nitrogen that we make available to them for free.

We tailor our efforts to the needs of each individual farm, helping develop and disseminate best practices along the way. We envision doing so with hundreds of farms in the years to come.

Making it easier for people to compost is part of our mission precisely because of its benefits to the community. We like to think of composting as a Trojan horse for sustainability writ large. Washington DC recently put together a 20-year sustainability plan that identified 11 distinct goals. Our efforts benefited nine of them. Composting touches everything.

July 14, 2016