Pumpkins for the People 2016!

BOO! Belated Hpumpkins-for-the-people-blog-editappy Halloween! Did we scare you? No? Well, fine. But you know what scares us? Wasted food, of course.

So now that the trick-or-treating is done, what happens to all those pumpkins? For the fourth year in a row, Compost Cab is proud to partner with organizations across our community to put your leftover pumpkins, carved and otherwise, to good use. Want to rescue your own post-Halloween pumpkin? Just follow a few simple guidelines:


What started four years ago as a simple jack-o-lantern pickup program for our members is now Pumpkins for the People! We’re proud to be working with our friends at FreshfarmMartha’s Table, Maryland Food BankMiriam’s Kitchen, Misfit Juicery, and Soupergirl, to turn your un-carved, un-painted pumpkins and squash into food for their clients in need. If you’re a current Compost Cab member, simply leave yours directly next to or on top of your Compost Cab bin on your collection day this week or next. It couldn’t be easier. For everyone else, we’re happy to offer a free pumpkin recovery station at our tent at Freshfarm’s Dupont Circle farmers market this Sunday, November 6th, from 830a to 130p. We hope to see you there!


If you have carved or painted jack-o-lanterns that you’re ready to dispose of, please don’t throw them in the trash, where they’ll take up space in a landfill and emit methane into the atmosphere. We’ll be happy to compost them for you! Simply remove any candles or wax, cut your jack-o-lantern into pieces, and place the pieces in a sturdy bag. Current Compost Cab members can just leave their bags next to their bins on collection day – easy peasy. For the wider community, we’ll take your broken-down jack-o-lanterns, along with the rest of your organics, at our Compost Cab tent at Freshfarm’s Dupont Circle farmers market this Sunday, November 6th. Thanks to our friends at Maryland Environmental Services for working with us this year. (Due to space constraints, we cannot accept any jack-o-lanterns that have not been properly broken down. Thanks for understanding.)

As always, we’re proud to work with you to build a healthier, more sustainable city. Thanks for helping us making Pumpkins for the People 2016 the best yet!

November 1, 2016

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