Compost Cab helps you live your values. We make it easy for you to take action everyday in support of the environment and your community. Composting makes you feel awesome. And once you start, you’ll never stop.


A daily, affirmative act of sustainability.

Keeping food waste out of landfills is one of the most direct and straightforward ways we have to take direct action against global warming. Less food waste = lower emissions. It’s that simple. When you compost at home, you’re part of the solution. And you’re part of a community of optimists who choose to make a difference every day.


Zero barriers to zero waste.

All composting is good composting. And there’s no right way to do it. You want to DIY it at home? Great! There are resources for you. Can’t or won’t do it yourself? That’s cool — local jurisdictions around the region, including DC and Baltimore, offer FREE food scrap drop-off at farmers markets (in some cases year-round).


Our pioneering, community-driven home pickup service. For about a dollar a day.

For only $32 per month, we make it easy-peasy lemon squeezy to compost at home — and by home we mean house, apartment, condo, coop, townhome, etc — wherever you live, our friendly neighborhood Compost Cabbies have you covered.

Looking to bring composting to your multi-unit residential building / community?



Hotels, Restaurants, entertainment venues, schools, CORPORATE CAMPUSES, and assorted large commercial kitchens of all sorts

We’re your partner in sustainability. Compost Cab makes sure that your organics get put to their best and highest use, in ways that dovetail with your sustainability goals AND your operational realities. We can help.



Maybe your organization wants to compost, but your landlord or building manager doesn’t provide organics recycling yet. Or maybe you’re a management company with a portfolio of building trying to bring composting to your building as a tenant amenity. We’ll support you with clean, convenient collection service, onsite presentation, regular data reporting, and info and incentives for your team to make it easy for them to live their values at home and at work.


coffee shops, specialty retailers, and pretty much any other commercial entity you can imagine that might want to compost

Local business with deep roots in the community? Us too. National organization growing in the region? We’ve got you covered. We’ll work with you to craft a sustainability solution that fits your goals and your budget. And we’ll do it in a way that’s helps you put your commitment to sustainability front and center with your customers.